NFL Picks for Today: July 14, 2024

The 2024 NFL season is just around the corner, with preseason games starting soon. For football fans, that means it's time to start thinking about placing wagers on today's NFL games. While betting on the NFL can seem daunting, it's easy to get started by following free NFL picks and advice from experts. Here are some tips on using free sports betting websites to make smart NFL picks today.


Do Your Research

Before you start placing your 2024 NFL bets, take some time to research the upcoming NFL games and odds. Read up on key injuries, roster changes, and team trends from last season. The more informed you are, the smarter your July 14, 2024 NFL picks will be.


Look for NFL Consensus Picks

See which teams the experts are picking to win that week by finding NFL consensus picks. For example, if 80% of experts pick the Chiefs to beat the Raiders, that lopsided expert consensus means Kansas City is a smart bet. The more experts agree, the higher your chance of picking a winner.


Find the Best NFL Lines and Odds

Check NFL July 14, 2024 lines and odds at multiple free sites. Compare them to find discrepancies and smarter bets. For example, if the Chiefs are -7 at one sportsbook but just -6.5 at another, take the second line for better value. Finding the best lines is critical to maximizing payouts..


Consider NFL Props and Parlays

Sharpen your NFL picks by using teasers and parlays. NFL parlays and NFL prop bets can offer much higher payouts compared to standard bets. By combining multiple picks into a parlay or betting on unique player and game props, you increase the difficulty of hitting your bet for a bigger potential reward.


Bet the NFL Totals

Look for great opportunities to bet the over/under total points scored in a game. Key factors like two bad defenses, explosive offenses, or a projected shootout make the overs valuable picks. Likewise, low totals between two strong defenses or teams with lackluster offenses make the unders worthwhile bets. Don't bet every total, but pick your spots based on matchups and trends.


Take Home Dogs in Close Games

When the spread is small, strongly consider taking the home underdog. Home field advantage is worth about three points, and dogs often cover spreads. For example, if the 8-2 Chiefs are just -2.5 over the 6-4 Chargers, take Los Angeles who should keep it close or win outright at home. Never underestimate home dogs in tight contests.


Stay Disciplined

Once you've put in the research, stay disciplined with your bets. Don't fall into traps like chasing losses or blowing your bankroll on parlays. And always gamble responsibly. Have a budget and bet with money you can afford to lose. It's possible to have fun and win money, but don't take unnecessary risks.

Making smart NFL picks requires research, line shopping, and discerning betting. But by taking advantage of free resources like consensus picks, expert advice, promotions, line discrepancies, and optimal strategy you can increase your odds this NFL season. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on free sports betting sites today.



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