2024 NASCAR Picks:  Racing Best Bets and Predictions

Looking to bet on NASCAR this year? This complete NASCAR betting guide contains everything you need to win. Free 2024 NASCAR selections, odds, forecasts, and best bets from top handicappers.

The 2024 NASCAR Cup Series is heating up as the regular season ends. Drivers are jostling for position before the cutoff that will determine the 16-driver playoff field.

Superspeedway races are unpredictable, offering gamblers exciting betting chances. Superspeedway races are for longshot winners and pandemonium. Is a driver with 50/1 or 100/1 odds worth betting on to shock? This NASCAR betting guide covers season odds and optimal bets.


Best NASCAR Races & NASCAR Cup Series in 2024

Daytona 500: The most prestigious and iconic race in the NASCAR, held annually at Daytona International Speedway in February. Also called "The Great American Race."

The Southern 500 is one of NASCAR's oldest races, held at Darlington Raceway on Labor Day weekend. Known for its tradition and challenging track.

Coca-Cola 600: the longest race on the schedule at 600 miles, held at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Memorial Day weekend. Tests teams' endurance.

Brickyard 400: A historic race held at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway Considered a coveted win for drivers.

Bristol Night Race: Held under the lights at Bristol Motor Speedway, known for high speeds and tempers on the short track,

Talladega: Unpredictable superspeedway racing at Talladega Superspeedway, known for massive wrecks and photo finishes

Martinsville: Short track racing at Martinsville Speedway, where patience and bumping fenders are common,

Daytona 400/Coke Zero Sugar 400: A wildcard summer race at Daytona International Speedway known for unpredictability

Race at Atlanta is a fast 1.5-mile quad-oval that produces exciting racing and will resurface in 2022.

Homestead-Miami: Site of the NASCAR Cup Series Championship race to decide the title winner.

This covers some of the biggest events and most exciting races on the NASCAR schedule each year. Winning these coveted races is a top goal for every driver.


How Have Recent Super Speedway Races Played Out?

To make predictions for 2024, reviewing recent superspeedway races is crucial. The last two races at a famous superspeedway were won by huge underdogs at 100/1 and 60/1 odds.

However, a marquee race later in the season was won by a favorite who dominated and led 30% of the laps. Other top drivers finished behind him in the top five.

The nature of this year's finals, with 14 winners and two spots left in the 16-driver field, means cutoff races are more unpredictable than ever. Drivers on the final bubble will be aggressive and go all out for wins.


Analyzing Betting Odds and Favorites: NASCAR Odds to Win

For upcoming motorsports races, the NASCAR betting favorites at most sportsbooks are three big-name drivers around +700 to +800 odds.

These drivers have multiple wins this year and always run well at superspeedways. They are perennial contenders.

Other drivers in the +1000 to +1500 range are a mix of veterans and young guns hungry for their first superspeedway win. This group could break through.

The value picks are drivers in the +2500 to +15000 range. These drivers include veterans with previous superspeedway wins and young underdogs who have pulled off upsets before. Watch for them to provide big payouts.


Top Bets & Predictions for 2024 NASCAR Playoffs

Based on recent trends, here are my top NASCAR picks and best wages moving forward:

Look for top 10 finish props on superspeedway specialists at +300 to +500 odds. There is strong value placed on their ability to navigate the pack and hang around.

Back-to-back top drivers in head-to-head matchups at short tracks and road courses Favor the most skilled drivers in those disciplines.

Target large underdogs in superspeedway races. Longshots often break through due to the volatile nature of this track type.

Fade last year's winners unless they are elite drivers. Regression often hits past champs.

Look for props on drivers expected to lead laps and score stage points for added value.


Longshot Specials NASCAR Picks

If you want huge underdog odds, look for these types of drivers:

Past superspeedway winners around +3500 or longer

Veterans with expertise navigating the draft at +10000 or higher

Young guns with something to prove at +15,000 or higher

Any of these huge longshots could shock the world at triple-digit odds.


How to bet on NASCAR Auto Racing?

Here are some key NASCAR betting types and tips to help you get started:

Bet on race winner futures and matchups before qualifying and practicing. The odds shift based on speed.

Fade last year's champ unless he's an elite driver. Regression often occurs.

Target large underdogs on superspeedways. Longshots break through.

The pole winner often fades due to poor pit stall placement.

Wager on drivers to lead laps and score stage points for added value.

Live betting provides great opportunities based on events and crashes.



The 2024 NASCAR season offers intriguing betting opportunities. With volatile superspeedway races, massive longshots, and drivers battling for playoff spots, there will be plenty of action.

Follow the expert analysis above to make winning picks on race winner futures, head-to-head matchups, top finish props, and longshot wagers. Take advantage of odds-on shopping to maximize value.

Stay tuned all season to cash in on winning NASCAR bets!


What is the best way to bet on NASCAR?

The best way is to keep an eye on the week's NASCAR news and race previews. Expert NASCAR advice can help you make solid betting picks. You can even use a sportsbook for a variety of bets, like prop bets or straight-up odds to win.

What type of bets can I make on NASCAR races?

You've got many many different types NASCAR bets you can make. The typical moneyline, spread and totals bets are available, but there are also cool bets like predicting top-10 finishes or if a car driver will win. 

Where can I bet on NASCAR?

Most sports betting places have you covered. You can go to a casino, or even better, find the best online options like FanDuel. They're pretty up-to-date with NASCAR betting odds, especially for events like the Coke Zero Sugar 400 or the Hollywood Casino 400.

What other auto racing sports are available to wager on?

Besides NASCAR, you can bet on the Xfinity Series and the Truck Series. Plus, there's always the Verizon 200 at the Brickyard in Indianapolis if you're into that kind of auto racing.

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