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Betting on NFL Teams in the 1st Quarter in 2023: Picks Odds, Stats, and Strategies for Success

The opening quarter of an NFL game holds importance in shaping the result. By adopting a thought-out betting approach, for the quarter including an examination of rushing yard data and patterns one can leverage betting lines and odds to achieve substantial winnings. This comprehensive guide will provide a breakdown of all the aspects you need to be aware of when placing bets on the initial quarter of NFL games during the upcoming 2023 season.

The game's tone is established in the first quarter. The Falcons or Buffalo Bills are two examples of teams that frequently go on to win the game after taking the lead in the first quarter. However, surprises happen. By evaluating teams' first-quarter data, like rushing yards, and patterns, you may find lucrative choices for betting. There are several types of first-quarter bets to consider as well. Read on to become a successful NFL first-quarter bettor!


Why Is the First Quarter Important in NFL Betting Stats?

The first quarter is a critical period that can dictate the flow of the entire game. Here are some key reasons why the opening quarter matters:

  • Momentum - The team that starts fast can gain confidence and momentum that carries through the rest of the game. Slow starters often struggle to come from behind.
  • Game plans - Coaches script the first 10-15 plays. You get a good sense of each team's offensive and defensive strategies.
  • Injuries - The first quarter is when injuries often occur, which can swing matchups.
  • Coaching - Adjustments usually don't happen until the 2nd quarter and beyond.
  • Personnel choices - The personnel and formations utilized provide important clues.
  • Odds better - Lines haven't adjusted yet so you can find good value.


Types of First-Quarter Bets

When betting on the NFL first quarter, you have several wager types to consider:

  • First quarter moneyline - You simply bet on which team will score more points in the first quarter.
  • First-quarter point spread - Bet on a team covering the spread just for the first quarter.
  • First quarter total - Wager on the combined number of points scored by both teams in the opening quarter.
  • First-quarter props - Bet on player performance only in the first quarter.
  • The first score - Predict which team scores first or if the quarter will end scoreless.
  • First quarter results - Bet on outcomes like which team leads after 1 or if it's tied.


Tips for Betting the NFL First Quarter

To consistently win when betting the first quarter, keep these tips in mind:

  • Examine teams' offensive and defensive efficiency in the opening quarter. Fast-starting offenses and stingy defenses are ideal.
  • Target matchups between slow starters and fast starters. Fade teams with notoriously slow starts.
  • Watch out for data from prior seasons. Personnel and coaching changes matter.
  • Key in on quarterback and offense changes. New systems can need time to click.
  • Note any weather factors that could limit scoring early. Wind, rain, and snow often hamper QBs early.
  • Consider big spreads. Favorite may start slow while dogs could come out fired up.
  • Review recent trends to spot any destructive tendencies developing.


Analyzing Opening Quarter NFL Odds, Stats, and Trends

The key to success with NFL first-quarter betting is analyzing stats and trends. Here are the most important factors to study:

  • Points per first quarter - How many points does each team average in the opening quarter?
  • First quarter margins - What are their average first quarter margins positive or negative?
  • 1Q offensive and defensive rankings - Where do their first-quarter units rank league-wide?
  • Trends ATS - Do they consistently cover first-quarter spreads or not?
  • Results by spread - Do they play better with leads or as underdogs in the 1Q?
  • Prev. matchups - Did they start fast or slow in previous games vs. the opponent?
  • Streaks - Have they hit under or over 1Q totals in 3+ straight games?


Beginner Tips for Betting NFL First Quarters

If you're new to betting on NFL first quarters, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to money lines before trying spreads and totals to get a feel for teams' tendencies.
  • Focus on one matchup at a time early on rather than betting every single game.
  • Don't overreact to early trends from just the first 1-2 games. Monitor over the first few weeks.
  • Be conservative with bankroll early in the season as trends develop. Ramp up wagers as you gain more info.
  • Shot totals and spreads provide better value than money lines. Once you improve, leverage these.


NFL First-Quarter Picks: Best Free Resources

Making informed selections when it comes to NFL betting requires access to trustworthy and accurate information. Finding the top free sources for first-quarter picks is important for sports bettors wanting to get an advantage during the first quarter of NFL games. 

While expert picks are a great option, you can also find NFL picks for free on many sites. 

Many of these websites use many factors to calculate and come up with NFL computer picks that tend to be more accurate than human generated picks. These sites will often offer a large range of offerings, including first-half NFL picks and second-half NFL picks.


Key Takeaways for Successful First Quarter Wagers

In summary, here are the key things to remember about betting on NFL's first quarter:

  • The opening quarter sets the tone and can provide betting value before lines adjust.
  • Study teams' efficiency stats and trends specifically just for the first quarter.
  • There are many bet types to choose from including money lines, spreads, totals, and props.
  • Fast starters and stingy early defenses make good bets. Fade notoriously slow teams.
  • Watch for coaching changes, QB changes, and weather factors that could swing 1Q scoring.
  • Follow sharp money in the betting markets for the first quarter wagers.
  • Paying close attention to all the first-quarter bet factors outlined above will help you successfully handicap games and improve your ROI this 2023 NFL season.



What is NFL 1st quarter spread bet?

A first quarter spread bet in the NFL is a wager on which team will be winning  or covering the spread after the first 15 minutes (first quarter) of play. This includes (ATS), moneyline and totals. 

How do NFL 1st quarter bets work?

First quarter bets in the NFL focus solely on what occurs in the initial 15 minutes of play, allowing wagers on which team will be ahead after one period. Common NFL first quarter bet types include spread (picking the winner against a set line), total (predicting the teams' combined score), and moneyline (betting on a team straight up) before the second quarter starts.

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