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NFL 1st Half Lines Betting: NFL Odds, Spread, and Strategies for 2023

Betting  and making NFL picks on just the first half of an NFL game requires a different approach compared to betting the full game. The first 30 minutes set the stage for how the rest of the contest will play out. By analyzing teams' first-half stats, trends, and lines, you can find valuable betting opportunities. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about NFL first-half betting for the 2023 NFL season.

The first half is crucial in an NFL game. This is when critical in-game adjustments are made, and momentum often shifts one way or the other. You can capitalize by zeroing in on advantageous first-half lines and odds. There are many bet types to consider, like spreads, totals, NFL props, and more. Let's break down how to bet the NFL's first half like a pro!


Why Bet the 1st Half Spread of an NFL Game?

Wagering specifically on the first half has some key advantages:

  • Better odds: First-half lines tend to be softer than full-game lines. More potential value.
  • Momentum shifts: The first 30 minutes often dictate the game's tenor and outcome.
  • In-game adjustments: coaches make critical tweaks at halftime that change strategies.
  • Limit variance: removes late-game "garbage time" yards and points that can skew results.
  • Change bad beats: avoid bad backdoor covers or last-second scores that flip a wager.
  • More options: Numerous bet types like totals, and props are only available for the first half.


Key Bet Types for the NFL 1st Half

Some of the main first-half wager types to consider are:

  • First-half spread: Bet on a team covering the spread just for the first half.
  • First-half moneyline: simply picking which team wins the first half outright.
  • First half total: wager on the Over/Under for combined points scored in the first half.
  • First-half props: player or game props based on performance only in the opening half.
  • First half results: Bet on outcomes like which team will lead at halftime.
  • First-half parlays: combine multiple first-half bets together to multiply the payout.


Tips for Betting 1st Half NFL Odds 

      - Follow these tips when betting first-half point spreads, totals, and moneylines:

  • Look for opening line value before the market adjusts closer to kickoff.
  • Target teams starting backup QBs or with QB uncertainty due to injury
  • Study past records between teams to spot lopsided recent results just in the first half.
  • Fade teams with really poor first-half yardage and points per game averages.
  • Back teams with a clear first-half scoring edge in a matchup
  • Watch the forecast for bad weather that could stall early scoring.
  • Be cautious with heavy favorites expected to pull starters later in blowouts.


How to Handicap NFL First Half: How to Wager

Handicapping opening halves requires digging into these key factors:

  • 1H scoring offense/defense: points scored and allowed only in the first half.
  • 1H yards totals: yards gained and given up per first half.
  • 1H possessions: number of first-half drives and efficiency
  • 1H time of possession: Which team controls the ball more in the early going?
  • 1H passing/rushing: success at running and passing, specifically in the opening halves.
  • Trends ATS: Team records against the first-half spread
  • Rest situations: potential fatigue or energy edge coming off extra or less rest
  • Previous meetings: how the matchup has gone in recent first-half showings


Profitable First Half Bets on NFL | NFL Strategies

Implement these strategic tips to improve your bottom line wagering on first halves:

  • Bet unders on high first-half totals between high-scoring teams. Sportsbooks inflate them.
  • Target bad weather games. Wind, rain, and snow disproportionately slow early scoring.
  • Shop for the best line value across multiple sportsbooks using line shopping tools. Even half-points matter.
  • Follow line moves. Wise guys often bet their first halves early.
  • Buy or sell line moves depending on your side. Bet early if the public is likely to move the line against you.
  • Leverage live betting during the first half to capitalize on changing game dynamics.


Key Takeaways for Betting First Halves

To recap, the major keys to NFL line first-half wagering success are:

  • Softer lines and more valuable numbers compared to full-game betting
  • The first 30 minutes dictate the flow and eventual outcome.
  • Study stats and trends specifically related to teams' first-half performances.
  • There are numerous betting options like totals, props, and more to take advantage of.
  • Shop for the best line value and watch for early, sharp action.
  • Make halftime live bets to maximize opportunities.

Now that you know how to approach NFL first-half betting, you'll be ready to win more wagers in 2023. Use this guide to make smarter bets!



How do I bet the 1st half of NFL games?

To bet the 1st half of NFL games you must. find a sportsbook that offers first half betting lines, either in person or through an online platform, then simply place a wager on the point spread, moneyline, or total for the first half just as you would a normal full game bet. Pay attention to line movements, home and away trends, and advanced stats to gain an edge when betting the first 30 minutes.

What is first half spread in NFL?

A first half spread in the NFL is a point spread set by oddsmakers only for the first half of an NFL game, allowing you to bet on a team covering a set margin just in the opening two quarters. First half spreads are released similar to a full game spread but tend to have a lower point spread number since it covers just half the game.

Where do I find first-half NFL lines?

You can find first-half NFL lines on aggregator sites that compile odds from many sportsbooks to compare first-half betting lines all in one place. You can also find first-half odds at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in Vegas. 

Is a 1st half bet a "good bet" in the NFL?

A first half bet can be a "good bet" in the NFL, especially when there is a clear mismatch early in the game. The first half point spread is often lower than the full game spread, allowing you to capture more value. Focusing only on the first two quarters can reduce variance compared to picking a full game as well.

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