Free Guide to Betting on Soccer Odds: Soccer 1st Half Picks & Bets

Soccer Betting Guide: Soccer Wager 1st Half Picks & Bets Overview

Soccer is the world's most popular sport, and one of the most bet on sports as well. With soccer being a all year long sport there are huge amounts of money wagered on games every week. Whether you're a seasoned soccer bettor or someone looking to place their first wager, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about betting on this amazing game.


Soccer Betting Outline:

What are the different types of soccer bets: We'll cover spreads, moneylines, totals, props, and more. Understanding the various bet types is key.

How do betting lines and odds work in soccer: Learn how to read the odds and betting lines for soccer games.

Which soccer leagues and competitions offer the best betting: We'll explore popular leagues to bet on, like the Premier League, Champions League, World Cup, and more.

What's the best strategy for betting on soccer: Tips and advice to become a winning soccer bettor

How to Find the Best Odds at Sportsbooks: We'll look at how shopping for the best odds is crucial.

Should you bet on props, spreads, or moneylines: Breaking down the advantages of different bet types.

Is live betting a good option for soccer wagers: How in-game betting works and when it makes sense

Key Factors to Research Before Placing Bets: Stats, team news, injuries, and more to study

The Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid When Betting Soccer: Avoiding common errors that lead to losing

How do free bets and promotions work at sportsbooks: Maximizing free bet offers and bonuses

Is there a safe and legal way to bet on soccer online: We'll look at regulated US sportsbooks for legal betting.

Differentiating between recreational and sharp soccer bettors: What separates winning bettors from losing ones?


What Are the Different Types of Soccer Bets?

When it comes to betting on soccer, there are many different wager types to choose from. Some of the most popular include moneylines, spreads, totals, props, futures, and Asian handicaps. Moneylines are the simplest type of bet; you just pick which team to win according to you. Spreads involve betting on a team to cover a set goal spread. Totals require betting on whether the combined number of goals scored goes over or under a set line. Props let you bet on outcomes, like which player will score first. Futures involve season-long wagers on things like whether a team will win a league title or end in a draw. Asian handicaps are point spreads that also involve handicapping each team.

Understanding all the various soccer bet types allows you to take advantage of the many betting options available and diversify your wagers. Some bets work better for certain matchups, and having more tools in your betting arsenal will help you maximize your chances of winning.


How Do Soccer Betting Lines and Soccer Betting Odds Work?

When you look at a soccer betting line, the first thing you'll see are the odds or prices on each outcome. These indicate how much you stand to win for each bet. The odds reflect the implied probability of that outcome occurring. Lower odds, like -200, indicate a heavy favorite expected to win. Higher +300 odds show an underdog with a lower chance of winning.

Spreads may also be shown, which handicap each team and require picking the winner against the spread. A spread of Team A -1.5 means they must win by 2 or more to cover. Team B +1.5 can lose by 1 and still cover as underdogs.

Over/under totals on goals scored may be listed with odds on over/under outcomes. Common totals can be 2.5 or 3.5 goals in soccer matches.

Learning to quickly read and interpret the key information in betting lines is an essential skill for soccer bettors.


Which Soccer Leagues and Competitions Offer Best Bets on Soccer?

The most popular soccer leagues and tournaments to bet on include:

  • English Premier League: England's top division featuring world-class teams
  • UEFA Champions League: Elite European teams competing for the continental title
  • Spanish La Liga: home to global giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona
  • German Bundesliga: Bayern Munich typically dominates this league.
  • Italian Serie A: a historic league with big clubs like Juventus and Inter Milan
  • FIFA World Cup: an international tournament held every 4 years.
  • Euro Cup: Europe's top national teams compete every four years.

The best competitions feature strong odds and betting value. You'll get variety in matchups, betting lines, and options. Leagues with fame and popularity also get more media coverage, which is key for research.


Best Soccer Betting Strategies

Some keys to successfully gambling on soccer include:

Shop for the best odds across multiple sportsbooks to maximize value.

Focus your bankroll on 1-2 leagues to really know the teams, players, and trends inside and out.

Fade public sentiment and be contrarian when the masses are on the same side.

Target matchups where your own analysis differs most from the odds.

Manage your money wisely and use proper bet sizing for your bankroll. Don't chase losses.

Do thorough research before placing bets; don't just wing it.

Having an intelligent process and betting selectively with value in mind is vital for long-term profitability.


Read Soccer Odds on Popular Soccer Sportsbooks

One of the easiest ways to increase your winning chances when betting soccer is to compare the odds available at different sportsbooks and place your wagers only when you get the best price. For example, if you want to bet on Manchester City beating West Ham, one sportsbook may offer Man City at -260 odds. But another may have -280 on this outcome. While the difference seems small, over time, those extra few points of odds value make a big difference.

Sports betting sites make it easy to line shop by showing updated odds from competitors right on their platforms. Be sure to have accounts set up at 3-5 leading sportsbooks to get access to the best soccer odds. Taking advantage of discrepancies across sportsbooks on the same events helps stretch your bankroll.


Should I Go for Soccer Prop Bets, Soccer Spread Betting, and Moneylines?

There are pros and cons to betting on prop bets, point spreads, and moneylines in soccer.

Props: fun variety but lower payouts Better for smaller wagers.

Spreads: allow betting on favorites at reduced odds. Tests your handicapping.

Moneylines: simpler but can involve laying big odds on favorites to win outright.

In general, moneyline and spread bets tend to work best for more significant wagers because they pay better when you win. Props are a nice change of pace for smaller bets, but the odds are lowered because they result in winning bets more frequently.


Is Live Soccer Betting a Good Wager?

Live betting allows you to wager on soccer matches in real time as the action unfolds. This opens up many in-game opportunities based on changing dynamics like the score, red cards, injuries, and more. For example, if a big underdog scores first, you can bet on them at much higher adjusted odds after the early goal. Or if a favorite concedes a late goal and the moneyline odds shoot up, you can jump in and bet on them when there's still time to fight back.

When done right, live betting is an excellent way to capitalize on shifting momentum and odds. Just be careful not to get carried away chasing losses.


How to Do Research Before You Start Betting Soccer?

To make informed soccer bets, be sure to research:

Team lineups: absences of key players, like starters, can hugely impact matches.

Recent form: a team on a hot streak or a cold run?

Head-to-head history: some teams match up better stylistically.

Motivation: League leaders may rest players for cup games.

Home and away records: some teams play drastically different at home.

Statistical metrics: possession, shots on goal, fouls committed

Injuries and suspensions: will sidelined stars play or miss out?

Putting in the time to study these details provides a huge edge compared to just casually throwing money around. Information is power in sports betting.


The Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid When Betting Soccer

Some big mistakes to sidestep include:

  • Betting too many games at once: selectively target your highest conviction plays
  • Letting emotions cloud your judgment: don't bet your favorite teams as a fan.
  • Chasing losses by increasing bet size? Stick to your staking plan.
  • Failing to shop for the best lines means leaving money on the table.
  • Betting sober: don't wager when under the influence.
  • Not managing your bankroll—proper money management prevents going bust

Avoiding these common errors separates profitable bettors from losing players. Have the discipline to bet smart, and success will follow.


How Do Free Bets and Promotions Work at Sportsbooks?

Free bets and bonuses:

Are offered to new signups and existing users.

Provide risk-free wagering opportunities.

Come in the form of bonus cash, risk-free bets, and boosted odds.

Often, they require a deposit and/or promo code to claim.

Will have playthrough terms attached.

Allow you to build your bankroll and take more shots for free.

Be sure to shop around for the best free bet offers. Offers like bet $100, get $100 are a great way to get started. Just make sure to read the fine print!


Is There a Safe and Legal Way to Bet on Soccer Online?

Yes, you can gamble on soccer legally and safely at regulated online sportsbooks in the US. States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and many more now allow online sports wagering. These sportsbooks are licensed and offer full consumer protections. Your information and money will be secure.

The days of shady offshore sites are over. Make sure to only bet with trusted, regulated operators and avoid any risky, unauthorized sites.


Differentiating Between Recreational and Sharp Soccer Bettors

Recreational bettors:

Bet for fun as a hobby

Wager randomly without research.

Don't care about optimal strategy

Lose over the long run

Sharp bettors:

Treat betting seriously as a business.

Put in work to gain betting edges.

Use proper bankroll management.

Are very disciplined and patient.

Win over the long run through the process.

Sharp bettors put in significant work to gain any small advantage. Recreational players just take uninformed shots in the dark for fun. Over time, the sharps win all the money through diligent study and analysis.


In Conclusion:

Learn the different bet types like spreads, totals, and props.

Understand how to read odds and lines.

Bet on popular leagues you know inside and out.

Shop for the best odds and value.

Do thorough research before placing wagers.

Manage your bankroll and bet the right sizes.

Avoid chasing losses emotionally.

Maximize free bets and offers.

Only bet legally at regulated sportsbooks.

A professional approach will make you a winning bettor!



What is the first half bet in soccer?

First half bets in soccer is where you bet or wage on only the first 45 minutes of a match, rather than the full 90 minutes. These bets include moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders. 

Should you bet on 1st half soccer?

Betting on 1st half soccer lines can be profitable if done selectively in certain situations. It is generally advisable for risk-averse bettors to avoid 1st half bets altogether though, as the odds and margins favor the books heavily compared to full game lines.

Is 1st half soccer betting profitable?

First half soccer betting can be profitable, but it is generally less profitable than full game betting. The odds are lower and the margins favor the bookmakers more heavily in 1st half lines. For most bettors, selectively betting full game lines offers better risk-reward.

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