Soccer Picks for Today June 21, 2024

With another exciting slate of soccer games on tap for today, fans and bettors alike will be looking closely at the matchups to find opportunities to place insightful wagers. Making winning soccer picks requires researching the teams, injuries, statistics, trends, and other factors that can influence the outcomes. Here is an overview of key things to look at when handicapping today's games and coming up with successful soccer picks.


Evaluate Key Player Availability

A key consideration when making soccer picks is projecting which teams will have their best players available and which ones may be affected by injuries or suspensions. Review the latest team news to see if top scorers and playmakers are in the Starting XI or if depth players may see more minutes. Check for injuries, fatigue, or disciplinary issues that could keep influential players off the pitch or limited in their effectiveness. This can have a huge impact on your 1st half soccer picks.


Examine Teams’ Current Form

Soccer is a sport where team form and momentum play a massive role. A club coming into a match on a hot streak of consecutive wins and goals scored can carry that confidence and energy into their next match. Conversely, a team on a poor run of results can sometimes spiral into deeper losses of form as confidence evaporates. Checking the recent results of each team can provide clues into their current mindset and stage of their season as you handicap soccer picks.


Compare Styles and Tactics

When evaluating matchups, it helps to think about how each team prefers to play based on their talent, coaching, and strategic setups. Some clubs are known for a possession-based short passing game while others favor a direct counterattacking style. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of how teams attack and defend based on tactics. This can dictate the pace of play and number of scoring chances. If a patient buildup team faces a pressure oriented counterattacking side, it can make for an intriguing and high scoring affair. Considering styles gives you an edge when making soccer picks.


Check Home and Away Form

Soccer results can vary widely depending on if a team is playing in front of their home fans or traveling on the road. Some clubs have a pronounced advantage at home. Look at the difference between teams' home and away records this season, as well as head-to-head results if they've played at each stadium already. Home field advantage can be a big factor in leagues around the world. Use this when evaluating the day's matchups and making soccer picks.


Note Schedule Congestion

When handicapping a game, it's useful to look at each team's schedule over the past week and month. Clubs that are playing their third game in seven days due to congested fixture lists can suffer fatigue and be prime for an upset. Also check for Champions League and cup games that can distract and wear out players when predicting results. You want to back teams that are well-rested and focused on that day's opponent when making your soccer picks.


Use Statistical Models

Soccer analytics have grown tremendously over the last decade thanks to clubs and bettors leveraging huge datasets. Many predictive models exist using expected goals, passing networks, and other metrics that can provide objective projections for match outcomes. These can help complement your analysis when making tough soccer picks for today's slate.


Trust Your Soccer IQ

Even with all the statistics and data, soccer remains largely a human game that can hinge on moments of brilliance, referee decisions, and mental toughness. Leverage your years of soccer viewing experience when eyeing up games. Trust your gut feel for matches that you expect to be taut, physical affairs vs. wide open shootouts. The beauty of the sport is anything can happen once the whistle blows.


Stay Disciplined with Bankroll Management

A common pitfall for bettors is wagering too heavily on today's matches, chasing losses, and generally lacking discipline. Stick to fixed bet sizing for each pick and only wager what you can afford to lose. Being selective and waiting for the best value opportunities is critical rather than betting every game. There will always be more soccer picks for tomorrow and beyond.



While handicapping soccer can be complicated, focusing your efforts on the most influential factors outlined above will help you make smart wagers. Do the research, run the numbers, and trust your soccer eye when evaluating today's games. There are always opportunities to find betting value if you know what to look for. Gaining an edge with any of these aspects when making your soccer picks can lead to more profitable days.


What are the best bets in soccer?

The best bets in soccer are moneylines, spreads, over/unders, and prop bets. Each soccer bettor should come up with a strategy that works for them and find out the best bets that work for them as well.

How to win daily soccer bets?

You win daily soccer bets by focusing your soccer bets on leagues you know and have a good understanding of, finding the sportsbooks with the best odds, sticking to a disciplined staking plan. Avoid betting on every match, chase losses emotionally, and stick to sensible straight bets rather than parlays to consistently build your bankroll over time.

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