CFL 1st Half Bets and Picks: CFL Odds Predictions

The start of the 2023 CFL season, and betting options are abundant—from moneyline bets to over/under bets—making predictions easy! We will go over everything necessary for making CFL picks and best bets so YOU can make accurate predictions.

Utilizing established handicapping systems, betting against the spread, and keeping an eye on key trends are surefire ways to expand your bankroll this year. Keep an eye out for underdogs coming off a bye week or divisional rivalries that offer you gaming value. - Just a a tip! :) 


What is a CFL 1st Half Bet?

First-half bets are wagers placed on the outcome of a game at halftime.  Numerous factors can impact first-half scoring, such as team and player matchups, coaching matchups, time differences and many others. Here is where an experienced gambler can take advantage.

First-half bets are an effective way to boost your bankroll and enjoy some additional action during a game. Since first-half bets get over earlier vs. full game bets it allows you to bet another game or bet the 2nd half knowing you won or lost the 1st half.


CFL Betting Odds on Sportsbooks

Beside CFL first-half bets, sportsbooks, online sports betting sites, and sports betting apps also offer other betting opportunities that go beyond this option. Will both teams score, will both teams have FG, are just a few of the other types of bets you can place in the 1st half of CFL games.


Point Spread

The most common type of 1st half bet is what is called a point spread bet. Similar to full-game (ATS) bets, they involve setting odds based on only half a game's results: favorites will receive negative odds while underdogs will see positive odds.

First-half professional football's Canadian Football League (CFL), markets are very similar to full-game, The odds or lines are usually in-line will the full game. 


How Does CFL First Half Sports Betting & Prediction Work?

First-half bets are wagers mean covering the first half of the CFL game. Popular bet types for first-half bets include moneyline, point spread, and totals. They are popular among handicappers and betting public. They may believe a team or player may possess an edge during that period of play.

The opening half is unique in many ways for Canadian Football League (CFL) games. Teams in CFL games use two-minute warnings instead of three-minute ones and have 12 players on the field as opposed to 10 in NFL practices, leading to more turnovers but also providing opportunities for skilled offensive players to accumulate more yardage than they might on an NFL field.


Over/Under CFL Odds & Expert Picks

Betting the over/under is a popular way to bet on CFL games, often offering greater value than its NFL counterpartt due to the higher scoring. 

One of the best ways to profit from first-half bets is to identify teams that have been performing poorly over recent weeks, which could indicate they've lost motivation or are recovering from previous matches. By betting against these teams in the first half, you can take advantage of their diminished energy and enthusiasm and cash in on these betting opportunities.

An effective first-half betting strategy involves focusing on teams in contention for playoff spots. This could result in heavy favorites covering their spread before relaxing their efforts in the second half and providing regular time covers that help grow your bankroll.


Advantages of CFL 1st Half Betting Picks

1. Better Betting Opportunity

First-half bets provide a unique betting opportunity to capitalize on situations in which one team has an early advantage against their opponent in a game.

2. More Profitable

Betting on the first half of games can often be more profitable than betting on full games because it is easier to spot market inefficiencies. High-profile sports like football and basketball often adjust their lines after heavy action has taken place, creating an inefficiency that sharp handicappers can exploit by quickly fading numbers before the public gets involved in them.

3. More Opportunities

Bettors with an eye for efficiency may also spot opportunities elsewhere. For instance, teams that had an overtime game the night before might start off slow and lose their rhythm early on; this can have dire repercussions for their first-half total as well as their against-the-spread performance.

4. Weather Can Affect the Performance

Last but not least, it is essential to consider how weather and other uncontrollable factors might impede a team's first-half performance. Teams playing in unfamiliar climates may encounter problems that lower their overall output or make certain types of opponents more challenging than usual, something that can pose issues when competing in divisional rivalries in the CFL.

First-half bets allow for easier comparison between various lines than full-game CFL betting public bets due to oddsmakers having less betting volume to adjust their lines for and being better at seeing through any false assumptions made by recreational bettors. This often leads to higher value in first-half markets than full games; therefore, it may be worth giving them further consideration as viable betting options.


How Do CFL 1st Half Picks Work

1. Capitalize on Team's Unique Strengths & Weaknesses

First-half bets offer an effective way of capitalizing on a team's unique strengths and weaknesses. Each sport offers its own set of circumstances that could cause them to start slowly or fade later in the second half, such as after suffering a crushing overtime loss; in this instance, betting the under for their first-half total could prove profitable.

2. So Many Advantages

First-half bets offer another advantage over full-game bets in that they allow you to identify potential value plays before the game even starts. Sportsbooks typically take less time constructing first-half lines compared with full games, which increases your chance of spotting any discrepancies that might have arisen when setting them.

3. Great Potential Value

First-half bets offer greater potential value and generally offer better betting odds than full game lines due to teams caring less about their lead at halftime than about winning or losing, giving you an edge over most of the public betting crowd. You may find better prices on underdogs during the first half too, if that gives them any advantages at all!

4. Target Divisional Rivalries

Gamblers can also take advantage of first-half betting by targeting divisional rivalries. Such games often become overinflated as public opinion dictates and present underdogs with opportunities to cover large spreads. Furthermore, gamblers should look out for high-scoring rivalries known for high-scoring matches by wagering "overs.".

Best CFL Prop Bets and Picks

Betttors can make first-half bets on game props such as who will score first, the number of points scored during the opening half, the winning margin, a double result, the highest scoring quarter or half, whether the first score will come via touchdown, field goal, or another method, and whether the score will come via touchdown, field goal, or another method. These bets are frequently available during CFL games and offer great profit potential if placed correctly; however, they should not replace more traditional wagers placed on the moneyline, point spread, or total.

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