Free College Basketball Picks & Predictions for 2024: NCAA NCAAB Picks

Your Complete Guide to Picking NCAA Basketball Games Against the Spread This Season

The college basketball season is heating up, and that means it's time to start making your picks and predictions for key NCAA games. With hundreds of teams in action, how do you determine which sides and totals to bet on? This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know to crush your college hoops bets.

I'll explain where to find free picks, how to make smart bets yourself, strategies for parlays and props, and more. Whether you're a beginner sports bettor or a seasoned expert, these tips will help take your college basketball predictions to the next level in 2024. Let's get started!


Types of College Basketball Bets

1. College Basketball Against the Spread

Against the spread picks account for the point spread set by oddsmakers. They predict whether a team will cover the spread or not in a contest.

2. College Basketball Moneyline

Betting the moneyline is crucial for games where the point spread seems too close to call or you expect an upset.

3. College Basketball Total (Over/Under)

Evaluating totals and the expected pace of play allows you to exploit mismatches between sportsbooks over/under lines and teams' tendencies.

4. College Basketball Parlays

Combining multiple picks into parlays boosts payouts exponentially but requires hitting a higher percentage to be profitable.

5. College Basketball Props

Player and team props let you bet on specific outcomes beyond the scoreboard and take advantage of strengths and weaknesses.

6. College Basketball Futures

Futures odds on championship and conference winners offer value early in the season before the odds tighten closer to events.


Why Follow Expert Free College Basketball Picks?

The best reason to pay attention to expert college basketball picks is simple: they can help you win more bets! Seasoned handicappers spend hours each day analyzing stats, injuries, matches, trends, and more to gain betting edges of NCAA college basketball teams like Uconn Huskies and more. They discover valuable opportunities that sportsbooks have overlooked.

While no pick is 100% guaranteed, following high-quality advice from proven professionals is better than simply guessing. Their deep basketball knowledge can give you a leg up.


How Accurate Are Expert NCAA Basketball Predictions?

The most reputable experts aim for 55–60% accuracy over an entire season. Now, that may not sound amazing, but hitting on just 52.5% of bets long-term is enough to be profitable. 60% or higher is very impressive.

Of course, many factors go into accuracy, like the NBA sport, number of games, and betting markets. In a massive field like college basketball, getting over 60% of correct picks against the spread is exceptional.


Where to Find the Best Free NCAAB Picks

There are many options for free college basketball forecasts, but not all are created equal. Here are some of the top resources:

Sports Betting Forums: Subreddits like r/sportsbook have seasoned bettors sharing opinions and analysis. Just be wary of random users trying to peddle picks for profit.

Handicappers on Social Media: Some pros will post free picks or betting insights on Twitter and Facebook. Find ones who are transparent about records.

Mainstream Media Sites: Many outlets like ESPN, CBS, SI, and more have experts who give free picks. Varying quality, but worth tracking.

Sportsbook Promos: Take advantage of free bet and odds boost promos from books like DraftKings and FanDuel for risk-free bets.


Don't Chase Previous Winning Free Picks

One mistake beginners make is chasing the same handicapper's picks after a hot streak. But no expert wins 100%, and oddsmakers adjust. Yesterday's winning pick has no bearing on today. Judges make decisions based on consistent long-term records and the logic behind them.


How to Make Your Own Free College Basketball Expert Picks

While expert advice is useful, you shouldn't blindly follow it without doing your own research. Here are key factors to study before betting on college basketball picks today:

Team offensive and defensive efficiency stats: points per game, adjusted pace, shooting percentages, turnovers

Player matchups: how opponents' playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses pair up

Situational spots: potential letdown/lookahead games, rivalry games, home/away differences

Injuries: Monitor injury reports throughout the week as they have a huge impact.

Trends: Recent against the spread records, performance as a favorite or dog

Line value: compare sportsbooks for the best spreads and moneyline prices.


Bet Size and Bankroll Management

Once you've identified your top college basketball picks, proper bet sizing and bankroll management are crucial. Experts recommend wagering only 1-3% of your bankroll per bet. For a $1000 bankroll, that's $10–30 per wager.

Stay disciplined and don't increase bet sizes just because of a few wins. It only takes one or two rash bets to wipe out profits built over a whole season. Be selective and bet small over the long run.


Strategies for Betting the Best Bets On College Basketball Parlays

Parlays involve combining multiple picks into a single bet. While enticing for the big potential payouts, they are extremely difficult to hit. But they can still offer value in the right spots:

Keep parlays small: No more than 20–25% of total bets. More is too risky in the long term.

Include moneyline favorites: Most experts use 2-4 legs with short moneylines (-300 or better) to increase their chances of hitting.

Add player prop legs: Mix in high-probability player props like "Player X over rebounds" rather than just spread picks.

Take advantage of correlated lines: betting on both teams to go over total points in a matchup correlates.

Always shop for the best odds: A few points difference in spreads or moneylines makes a big impact on parlay payout.


Popular Teams & Programs in 2023 For Sports Bettors

- San Diego State Aztecs

- North Texas Mean Green

- UAB Blazers

- Miami Hurricanes

- Utah Valley Wolverines

- Temple Owls

- Texas Longhorns


Final Tips for the Best College Basketball Betting in the NCAAB This Season

Here are some quick bullet points with key advice to remember as you bet on college hoops this year:

Follow expert picks selectively, not blindly.

Do your own research into teams, stats, and matchups.

Manage your bankroll and bet size appropriately.

Shop odds and lines at multiple sportsbooks.

Take advantage of promotions and boosted odds when high value

Don't go crazy chasing parlays or exotic bets.

Ride hot streaks, but don't increase your bet size drastically.

Stick to a proven process over the long run.

If you use these tips and advice, your college basketball predictions stand a great chance of being profitable this season. Now let's enjoy all the exciting NCAA action ahead!


What are free college basketball picks ats?

ATS stands for "against the spread" in sports betting. Free college basketball picks against the spread are predictions about which team will cover the point spread in upcoming college basketball games, provided at no cost by handicappers.

What is the moneyline in college basketball?

The moneyline is a type of bet in college basketball where you wager on which team will win the game straight up, regardless of the point spread. A moneyline bet involves picking the outright winner of the game without any consideration of the margin of victory.

What are college basketball total picks?

College basketball total picks involve predicting whether the combined final score of two college basketball teams will finish over or under a set total number of points determined by oddsmakers.

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